No longer by my side cat dog grave marker

Pet Grave Memorial Stone - Assorted Designs Available

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At Orchid Valley, the importance of providing all beloved creatures with a dignified passing, and honouring their memory is understood. These simple, yet elegant garden memorial stones have been lovingly designed by the Orchid Valley team to create a lasting tribute to a beloved pet.

Made from weatherproof poly resin, these elegant and durable garden stones are available in the following three styles:

1.  A heart shaped stone featuring a hand and paw embracing, together with the words "Our hearts still ache in sadness and secret tears still flow, what it meant to lose you, no one will ever know" The heart stone is a very similar dimension to a standard dinner plate, and has a thickness of 1.5cm

2.  A round stone embellished with paw prints and the inscription  "No longer by my side....but forever in my heart" The diameter of this rock measures 20.5cm, whilst it has a thickness of 1.5cm

3.  A naturally formed stone shape created to blend harmoniously with any landscape.  Free from specific animal prints, thus suitable as a remembrance item for any pet, this stone features a simple orchid together with the words "In memory of a faithful friend & loyal companion" upon the smooth front surface. Included with this particular style is a blank self adhesive weatherproof plaque, for engraving at your convenience. The natural rock shape measures 20.5cm across at the widest point, stands 11cm tall, and has a thickness of 6cm

The garden markers are perfectly complimented by our everlasting memorial wildflower seeds.